Never despise small beginnings, and don’t belittle your own accomplishments. Remember them and use them as inspiration as you go on to the next thing. When you venture outside your comfort zone, wherever the starting point may be, it’s kind of a big deal.
— Unknown


"I have always been hesitant to try yoga due to a lack of flexibility, confidence and knowledge of what yoga really is. ' Jess' approach to my hesitation and to my specific needs to address recurring physical issues has made me a believer! I can see positive changes in myself physically, emotionally and spiritually that yoga has helped bring about. Truly grateful!"

- Therese

"If you're anything like me, your every day life has you distracted and frayed.  Or maybe that's just my toddler.  Enter Jessica.  She's energetic and enthusiastic, which are words that you may not immediately associate with a yoga instructor.  She channels this energy, however, into this wonderful ability to teach (I mean really teach) yoga.  She gets the poses, what they accomplish, and what our bodies can and can't do with an almost medical understanding.  I've been to other yoga classes, but after a short series with Jessica, my own understanding of the poses evolved and improved.  She embraces humility, is totally real and relatable and will help you learn how to get your zen on.  Go find one of her classes now."

- Leila

"I thought you should know how you have made my life crazy! Every day, several times a day, for the past ten days, 'mommy, we go yoga now?', 'Mommy, go yoga now. Make duckies go up and down...'. The only solution is that we need more toddler yoga. You are awesome and now you have a new fan!"


"As a complete beginner, Jess helped me learn the different poses with each session building on the last. It was fun, soothing, challenging and enjoyable!"


"Jess has a way of transforming her students both mind and body.  Physically, I noticed an enormous difference in my flexibility. I work on my feet full time, and my legs and hips get extremely tight which affects my lower back. Each class I took, Jess was sensitive to my needs and offered new poses and techniques I could use to open up my hips. It greatly improved my Bikram Yoga practice as well. After each class I was able to get deeper into the postures. Jess has a great energy that is contagious. She has a way of making you forget about all of the anxiety, stress and worries in your life. I left every class feeling completely renewed and rejuvenated. I recommend her one-on-one sessions!"

- Laurenn