Barefoot and pregnant (No…literally barefoot and pregnant - it was a prenatal yoga class!), a once extremely anxious Jess stepped onto a yoga mat, took in a breath of that moment and never looked back.  Inspired by the extraordinary impact her practice has had on all aspects of her life, she decided to become a teacher to pass on the sacred gift of yoga to anyone willing to receive! Now Jess, mother of three budding yogi boys, not only wants to pass this on to adults, but also to children; starting young ones out on the right (and left!) foot, grounding them, and providing them with ways to cope with stress one wagging downward dog at a time.  After working as a Behavior Therapist with young children for over ten years and now looking after her own young boys, she is motivated by the idea that by making yoga a part of their lives from a young age, they will always have it as a tool in their back pocket. Raising her boys has made such a strong impression on her practice; truly teaching her about living life through the eyes of a child - with true presence and an open mind.

Armed with her experience first as a therapist, now as a mother and a Masters in Education, in 2013, Jess took that child-like drive to learn and completed her 200 hr teacher training certification with Betsy Kase at Yoga Haven in Scarsdale, NY.  A year full of transformation, growth, and passion has only inspired her further to continue the journey of deepening her practice and guiding both children and adults through their journeys in yoga.  Since she was so greatly inspired by her journey through motherhood, Jess received her certification in Pranakriya Prenatal Yoga at the Kripalu Center in June 2014. Jess is also certified in Kids Yoga and Mindfulness with Clare Matola at Yoga Haven.

In June of 2018, Jess joined friend and business partner, Anne Pawlowski of Anne Pawlowski Coaching, in launching NoFo Retreat. Just another opportunity to share yoga with others, this adventure has become one of Jess’ most special achievements. For more information please visit

Come share your day with Jess; you will breathe, stretch, fall, pick yourself up again, learn to smile, laugh, and live in the present moment - finding your inner child and heart center.